Monday, August 13, 2012

Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success - Henry Ford

We consider your success, our success. We want you to get ready!

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada and other first world countries like Australia and New Zealand, it is important you are always ready. Most of the first world countries with immigration program are now trying to overhaul their immigration program to have a just-in-time immigration system. With the fast and constantly changing immigration programs, it is important to be ready at all times!

Let us help you get ready!

Avail of our Start-Up Program (Privilege Plan) and we will help you get ready! The cost of this program is only P16,800. This amount is 100% deductible from the Consultancy Fee you must pay when we finalize your application for any Canada, New Zealand and Australia's immigration Programs.
  • Guidance on the documentation requirement for Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program. This does not include finalization of application forms. The minimum down payment for the full package to get your application ready is P28.000. You have the option make the full payment only when your occupation is included in the list. But for those included in the previous priority lists, it will be to your advantage if you will sign up for the full package. That will give you the opportunity to file your application immediately once you meet the eligibility. Remember that there is limit in the number of applications to be accepted annually. The Federal Skilled Workers program is expected to open early January 2013.
  • Submission of your resume to Licensed Immigration Consultant/Agent in Australia, New Zealand and Quebec for assessment. The P16,800 you will pay is 100% deductible from total consultancy fee you have to pay in filing your application for New Zealand, Australia and Quebec.
  • Checking of your documents. The documents being required by New Zealand, Canada, Australia and Quebec are almost the same. Immigration is not a simple process. You have to plan for it. The last thing you would want is that you failed to file your application simply because your documents is incomplete and with discrepancies. A simple mistake in birth certificate entries may cause you a lot of trouble. Let us help you check your documents.
  • Review and enhancement of job description. Your supporting documents for your work experience are crucial in your immigrant visa application. Our Job Description Specialist will help you present your work related documents in such a way that the Visa Officer will clearly understand your duties and responsibilities.
  • Guidance in finding employers in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. We are not a recruitment agency and can't offer a placement services. But with the right approach and tools, we will guide you in finding a job in Canada.
  • Guidance in Credentials assessment. We will not process it for you, but we provide you with the information you need to get this started. If you are planning to practice your profession abroad, the first step is to get your credentials assessed.
To avail of this program, you must have at least 2 year vocational diploma, at least 1 year experience (related to your education) and must be between the age bracket of 21-40 years old.


Let us set an appointment to start the process. If you are currently abroad or lives in the province, we can do this online.