Thursday, June 6, 2013

Your Journey to a Better Quality of Life Begins NOW!

Dreaming of a better quality of life is one thing; doing something to make it happen is another.  Don’t just dream. Make it happen!

What do you think will be your situation 5 years from now?  If you still don’t have a plan and is uncertain of what path to take, this is a wake-up call.  Your Journey to a Better Quality of Life Begins NOW!
We at Proactive Immigration Advisers Corp (PIA Corp) would like to present options you may want to consider in pursuit of a better quality of life for you and your family.

Live and Work in Canada
Canada has one of the highest immigration rates in the world, welcoming about 250,000 new permanent residents each year.  There are various social benefits once you got a permanent residence status in Canada.  This is the reason why people choose it over other countries, not to mention the safety and the sense of security. Free education and health care program; great income opportunities and generous retirement plan.  And you can have all these without leaving your family just to earn in dollars abroad. Live and work in Canada with your family!

Live and Work in Canada

There are various programs how you may legally live and work in Canada. These programs constantly change and intake of applications are limited annually.  If your occupation is included in the current list of priority occupations, you must not waste your time.  Send your resume for assessment or contact us to set an appointment.  If your occupation is not in the list, you must start getting ready NOW.  Talk to us, let us guide you.  Or click here forfree online assessment.  You may be pleased to know that Canadian Immigration Consultancy have already sent thousands of clients to Canada.

Nurses needed in Quebec   
Nurses are not included in the current list of priority occupations under the Federal Skilled Worker program.  If you’re a registered nurse and you are planning to live and work in Canada, you may either prepare your documents now for the 2014 program or apply under the Quebec Skilled Worker program.  Interested?  Let us know by sending us email with “Quebec Option” as the subject.

Study in Canada
Another pathway to having a permanent residence in Canada is via Canada’s Study Visa Program.   Let us guide you how to do it properly.  Through PIA Corp, enrolment at Sprott Shaw College will be made easy.   You may choose from various programs ranging from Business, Health and Development, Tourism and Hospitality Management, etc.  Interested? Send us an email with “Study in Canada” as the subject.

Study, Work and Live in New Zealand
New Zealand is another destination chosen by most of those who have immigration plans.  There are many immigration programs to legally live and work in Canada.  And depending on your profile, you may also consider New Zealand’s Study Program.  New Zealand has an international reputation as a provider of quality education ideal for international students.

Let PIA Corp help guide you in choosing the ideal for you, enrolment and visa application.  Depending on which program you will chose, you may have an opportunity to work while studying and get a Work Permit after you finished the program.  Interested?  Let’s set an appointment and we will gladly explain the program. 

We have just presented you a plan.  You will never regret checking these options but you may forever regret not doing everything you could to achieve your dream.  We would be glad to be your partner in your journey to a better quality of life.