Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Free Visa Processing? No Consultancy Fee? Think Again!

Free Visa Processing?

There are those who ask why other institutions are not charging fee for Student Visa application but Proactive Immigration Advisers does.  We think this is a reasonable question and deserves to be answered.

Before we answer the question, let us establish first your ultimate goal in studying in Canada, Australia or New Zealand?  Do you have plan to immigrate or you just want to study without immigration goals?

If your goal is to eventually immigrate, you need to understand this:

1. Education Agents are not Authorized Immigration Representative.  They can't legally advise you about immigration and they can not represent you.  Immigration Agents/Consultants are highly regulated in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

2. By studying per se, it will not make you a Permanent Resident.  You need to meet the requirements of Immigration Programs applicable to you. Education Agents are not in the best position to advise you about these programs.

3. Not all study program/courses will help you with your immigration plans.  This is why there are many cases of Filipinos who studied in Canada, Australia and New Zealand who return home unsuccessful.  Some opt to enroll again (spend another thousands of dollars!) to maintain legal status.  Some others, well, opt to stay even without legal status. 

Another come-on approach of some Education Agents is the promise of a job offer.  That once they landed in Canada, Australia or New Zealand, there is a job waiting for them.  This is illegal recruitment.

So be very careful. 

Yes, we are charging fee for our services.  This is because there is a value in what we do, in what we offer.  

We are not just an Education Agent.  We are also an Immigration Consulting firm. We can and may provide immigration advise through our Authororized Immigration Agents/Consultants in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  

By choice, we do not offer study programs that will not lead you to Permanent Residence.  Our study visa program includes Immigration Consultancy.  We have been in the industry for quite a time now and have helped thousands of clients. 

So are you just interested about the fees?  Or would you be rather interested with our track record and what we can do for you?